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Coming from in-depth understanding of drunk driving laws and the DUI industry, capitalizing on extensive experience, we provide hands-on advice that speaks the language of our client’s. We never give up whether we are fighting an impaired driving charge, over 80m.g charge, care and control or a multiple DUI offense.

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It is almost impossible and also unwise to try and fight DUI charges without proper legal representation and more importantly legal counsel. Many residents of San Francisco and across the state of California are unaware of the repercussions of a conviction under the DUI law. The sentences are harsh and there are long term consequences as well. Your only recourse is deft legal representation. Give us a call immediately after you are arrested and charged with drinking and driving, impaired driving or driving under influence of alcohol, drugs, marijuana or any other intoxicating substance. We specialize in DUI cases regardless of the nature of intoxication or the substance causing the impairment.

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Preparation of a sturdy defense is the key to acquittal or dismissal of charges. DUI convictions lead to a criminal record that may or may not get expunged. Our DUI attorney has been successfully securing favorable verdicts for our clients in San Francisco using a plethora of effective DUI defense strategies. We source firsthand information pertaining to various aspects of the case and build a relevant defense depending on the facts assimilated and claims made by the prosecution. Contact a DUI lawyer today.

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Contacting us is completely free but the actual cost of a DUI lawyer in San Francisco will always depend on specific factors relevant to your case. A majority of cases go to trial so the exact duration of the legal proceedings will determine one major part of the cost. Many cases do not go to trials so the duration of the proceedings leading to plea bargains or when the charges get dismissed will determine a part of the cost. The choice of DUI lawyer in San Francisco will be an influencing factor. Harder cases demand more hours, resources and also experts need to be hired, such as toxicologists, private investigations and professionals who will testify in favor of the defendant to counter the claims of the prosecution. These will influence the cost.


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Our DUI Lawyer fights DUI charges to the ground and our success rates speak for themselves.

Invaluable Experience

Drunk Driving Charges

As experienced drunk driving attorneys, we are successful at gathering necessary information to protect you against drunk driving charges.

Over 80mg DUI Charges

We have shown consistently favorable results when defending our clients against over 80 m.g DUI charges utilizing detailed investigation strategies.

Failure To provide Charges

As recognized DUI lawyers, we believe in upholding your safety and protection from all consequences arising from a failure to provide DUI charge.

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Superior Knowledge

Impaired Driving Charges

Our team of impaired driving lawyers have extensive experience studying evidence and will provide a strong defense on your behalf at trial.

Multiple DUI Charges and Offenses

We explore all possibilities when defending clients who have multiple DUI offenses and we strive to fight your case in the best way possible.

DUI Care and Control Charges

Our reputable DUI lawyers will protect you in court and make sure that you receive the best possible defense against any care and control charges.


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