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driving and drinking charges

Belmont Drinking And Driving Defense

Defending Drinking and Driving Charges in Belmont

drinking and driving belmont

Drinking and driving charges have to be proven or defended in a court. Defendants should always have a reliable and astute DUI lawyer in Belmont for an effective drinking and driving defense.

Immediate Legal Course following Drinking and Driving Charges in Belmont, California

There has been a recent spurt of drinking and driving convictions in Belmont. The increasing number of drinking and driving cases going to trial and more convictions do not augur well for defendants. DUI is a criminal offense. It leads to severe punishments if an accused is held guilty of the offense in a court. It is imperative for a defendant to appoint a specialist driving and driving lawyer in Belmont. The trials are almost always fought on technical factors and an impeccable quality of defense is necessary. You need a DUI lawyer who is skilled and completely aware of the entire scope of California Vehicle Code Section 23152.

We have the most experienced drinking and driving lawyers in Belmont. All our lawyers have many years of experience and have been successfully defending our clients charged with driving and drinking. Our drinking and driving lawyers are experts at cross-examining witnesses put forth by the prosecution. They can identify technical insufficiencies and successfully put up a robust defense to secure a favorable verdict. You can rely on our immaculate record of defending clients against drinking while driving charges in Belmont, CA. Give us a call immediately for timely legal consultation and intervention in the case.

Drinking while Driving Charges for BAC Exceeding 0.08% in Belmont

BAC is blood alcohol concentration. As per the state law, anyone driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or more is driving under influence and hence has committed a criminal offense. This is regardless of any accident, damage to property, bodily injury or fatality. 0.08% is the equivalent of 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood. There are many provisions in the California Vehicle Code Section 23152 including its subsections that can make many types of evidence admissible in a court of law. All such evidences should be effectively countered or at least a reasonable doubt must be established to mount a robust defense against drinking and driving charges.

Over the years, our lawyers in Belmont have successfully studied evidences, investigated the charges, inspected the actual scenes and cross-examined witnesses to counter the prosecution. There are many effective defense tactics that can be used in different circumstances, all the way from questioning the validity of the arrest to raising doubts over the legality of the procedure leading up to the breath and blood tests. We do not just fight drinking and driving charges but also protect the rights of the defendant as guaranteed by the constitution.

Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us If You Have Received A DUI Offense in Belmont

drinking while driving belmont

drinking and driving charges belmont

Types Of DUI Charges:

Impaired Driving

Driving Under The Influence

Over 80 m.g. DUI

Failure to Provide a Breathe Sample

Care and Control

Multiple DUI Offenses

Consequences Of A DUI:

Criminal Record

Serving a Jail Sentence

Drivers License Suspension

Payment of Fines

Travel Restrictions

Loss of Income


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Additional Drug Tests for Drinking and Driving in Belmont

The breathalyzer test is not the only one to charge someone with drinking and driving in Belmont. Field sobriety tests are common. Blood tests are also common. Usually, a blood test follows a breathalyzer test and a field sobriety test. Defendants may have an uphill task if they had failed all the three tests. However, there can be procedural lapses and administrative errors on the part of the law enforcement, be it the arresting officer or the technician who has worked with the samples to draw the inference in the test results.

Drinking and driving defense can be mounted using any legally valid ground of getting the case dismissed or to establish reasonable doubt that the defendant has been wronged in some way. It is mandatory for the law enforcement to follow the guidelines laid down by the relevant codes and any violation can work in favor of the accused. These technical and legal complexities are the primary reason why drinking and driving trials demand an astute lawyer.

driving and drinking belmont

charged with drinking while driving belmont

Sobriety Tests for Driving and Drinking in Belmont, CA

Field sobriety tests are an examination conducted by a police officer, usually at the checkpoint or the site where a vehicle is stopped. The field sobriety test is aimed at establishing the lack of physical coordination in order to prove that the driver is impaired under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, drugs or other intoxicating substance. A field sobriety test is essentially simply but the findings or the conclusions may not always be definitive. Personal assessments of a police officer, probably presumptions or even biases can come into play and hence the findings can be questioned in a court of law to mount a drinking and driving defense. A field sobriety test is often the precursor to other and more technical tests so it is important to question the legal validity of the process followed.

Drinking and Driving Defense based on Use of Approved Screening Instruments in Belmont

All drinking while driving charges can be legally admissible only when approved screening instruments have been used. If wrong instruments are used, if the devices were not calibrated properly and if the technician who carried out the test to draw the conclusion was not certified by the state, then the entire drinking and driving case may get quashed with an effective defense. The blood alcohol concentration and other test results will become questionable and reasonable doubt will be established if the instruments, devices or processes used were not as per the approval or according to the guidelines of the California Vehicle Code.

Hire a Specialist DUI Lawyer for Robust Drinking and Driving Defense in Belmont

Drinking while driving defense has to be robust as there is no room for error in questioning the test results or raising doubts about the technicalities of the various processes. Only a specialist drinking and driving defense lawyer in Belmont can present the case favorably for a defendant. Appoint a DUI lawyer who has an incredible track record of securing favorable verdicts for defendants of drinking while driving charges. You have to avert a conviction for a criminal offense and it is best not to take chances with inexperienced or unspecialized lawyers.


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    We fight drinking and driving charges to the ground and our success rates speak for themselves.

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    As experienced drunk driving attorneys, we are successful at gathering necessary information to protect you against drunk driving charges.

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    We have shown consistently favorable results when defending our clients against over 80 m.g DUI charges utilizing detailed investigation strategies.

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    We explore all possibilities when defending clients who have multiple DUI offenses and we strive to fight your case in the best way possible.

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    Our reputable DUI lawyers will protect you in court and make sure that you receive the best possible defense against any care and control charges.


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